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February 3, 2006

Misc. Records reveal Betsie Quimbe

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Reading microfilm today, a tape labeled only “miscellaneous records.” The first bit of it was in Dutch and seemed to start 1700 [dated Jan.2 1700]; each page was numbered: “No. 1,” “No. 2,” and so on, with a few lines of explanation and then a score, below which were the names of women, in a sort of list, with some crossed out and others added alongside. There were familiar names: Elting, Roosa, Van Vleet, Dewitt. No Burgers. On page No. 40, the last line read, “Maritje Beever nue Elesabet Quembe.”

The next list was in English and jumped forward to the early 1800s; each numbered page referred to a pew in the church, and the list was of those who had paid for a seat. This was followed by a Dutch list of men, and then a later list in English.

What a little piece of cultural history to stumble upon. Church pews were “owned;” some were “seats for life,” and others, “seats forever.” Some distinction! Churches were segregated by sex. Makes sense, but I hadn’t thought about it before. This system makes religion a function of the economy and of social caste. I wonder what the poor did. Did they hover around the edges or stand in the back, or did they just not attend?

However, last week, in looking at the registers for the Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston/ Esopus, I did find references to Betsie Quinbe, wife of Phillip Van Keuren. They married on 14 Jan. 1799, both from Kingston. There are two baptismal records for them in 1800 (Catharine) and 1802 (Eida Christina). This Betsie, (or Elisabeth?), would be the age to be Jannette’s aunt. No witnesses are listed for either ceremony. There are quite a few Burgers in those lists, Hieronymus included, and some I think are Zacariah siblings (but nothing to connect them to H.)

Using Family Search this morning, I found these same records, of Phillip Van Keuren, and his marriage to “Betsy Quinbe” on 14 Jan. 1799 in Kingston. Betsy’s vitals are b. 1776 in NY and d. 1853 in Kingston (check census on that). Her spouse is Phillipus Van Jeuren, b. Jan. 1776, Flatbush, NY, d. 1812 Kingston, NY; his parents, Phillipus Van Keuren and Cathrina Turck. According to FS, Phillip and Betsy had an additional son, Phillipus, b. 30 Dec. 1804 and d. 24 Jan. 1806, Kingston. The question is: are any of these people related to my Jannette?

Does this matter? Is Betsie a sister of Jannette’s father? There’s no further data on her. How does Elesabet Quembe in 1788 (?) relate to Betsie in 1811?


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