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April 21, 2006

Washboard: Cornelius’ Great-Grandparents Eduwaart and Lea

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The microfilm rolls from the Family Search library often contain as many as ten items, often quite disparate. This week I reviewed one that contained “The Book of Dow,” the genealogical records of families with that name, originating in MA and ME. There was also a copy of “Pioneer Days in Idaho City,” which looked to be a lovely book with very nice photos of the frontier, and which, of course, is completely unrelated to anything New Yorkish.

The film also had a copy of Roswell Randall Hoes’ transcription of the Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the old Dutch Church of Kingston, 1660-1809, which was published in book form in 1891. It is quite an elegant publication, and has an informative preface about the growth of the various Dutch Reform churches in Ulster. It is in this church that Hieronymus and Helena (Lena), Cornelius’ (purported) grandparents married in 1760.

This same record (in a more complete form) was included on films in my first batch, and coming back to it with several months’ experience was useful. I now have a more extensive sense of the branches of the family. I was able to look for the families connected to Cornelius’ second wife, for example, and more importantly, to identify his grandmother Lena’s family.

Her surname is quite common in Ulster, and has several variant forms, but only one of the couples had a daughter named Lena: Edwaard (also written as Eduwaat, Eduwart, Edewaard, Eduard, and Evert) and Lea, his wife. Lea’s surname is provided, also with several variations. Their daughter Lena was born October 5, 1740, making her 20 at the time of her marriage to Hieronymus June 20, 1760. But there is no record of Hieronymus’s birth; he was possibly an immigrant. Or, I have recently realized, perhaps he was born in New York City or Brooklyn. In any case, these records also show Lena had several siblings: Zacharias (Oct. 17, 1736); Zara (Aug. 29, 1742); Benjamin (June 16, 1745); Wilhelmus (March 6, 1748) and Abraham (Feb. 11, 1750).

Witnesses at the various baptisms included several with Eduart’s surname: Jooris; Willem; and Sara. Other baptisms in this family include Niklaas and wife baptizing Neeltjen–Lea, Lena’s mother, is a witness to this in 1742. Willem, Jr., and wife baptize Sara in 1748, with Willem, Sr. as a witness. Willem, Sr., isthus one generation up, and probably either father or uncle to Eduart.

An interesting convergence is Hieronymus and Lena acting as witnesses to the baptism of Levie, son of Wilhelm and Janye, in 1774. I wonder if this Wilhelm is the son of Lena’s brother Willem, born in 1748. (I copied this record the first time I looked at Hoes’ book.)

The records of the family start in Kingston, and then switch to the Esopus/Wiltwyck Dutch Reform Church. It can be confusing, because Esopus is also called Kingston, or vice versa, but these appear to be two separate churches. Esopus, south of today’s Kingston, is where Hieronymus and Lena had their family, where Zachariah and Elizabeth W. had their children, and where Cornelius and Jannette lived as well.

Baptism and Marriage Registers of the Reform Dutch Church (formerly called Wiltwyck or Esopus/Sopus, tr. Roswell Randall Hoes. Film # 0129840, item 4. (complete); also Film # 1321446, item 3, seems less complete).


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