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June 15, 2006

Washboard: Quimbys Married by Esq.

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The marriage records of Ulster County 1847-1850 are informative about the customs of the time. They consist of the date, the two persons’ names and sometimes their ages, their residence, and the name of the marrying official. In many cases, this latter is a “Rev.” But sometimes, and usually in the case of the few Burgers noted, the official is a man with “Esq.” after his name: presumably a justice of the peace. Such marriages would not be found, in all likelihood, in the church records of the time. Such non-church marriages were quite common, if these records from Ulster are typical:

Town of Marlborough:
Dec. 25 Charles Quimby 28 Milton by ___ Lake, Esq. of Lloyd
Maria Muldoon 33 Milton

This item was interesting especially since John L. Quimby, who is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn and who may or may not be the John “D.” Quimby who is the father-in-law of E. James Burger (son of Cornelius and Jannette and older brother of my g-grandmother Josephine), was born in Milton, NY. I recently acquired his death certificate from Brooklyn. Milton is a hamlet on the Hudson, somewhat north and east of Marlborough town center and jurisdictionally within Marlborough today.

This Charles Quimby would have been born in 1820, which puts him the right age to be a brother of the John Quimby I seek.

(Weirdly, this same couple is reported married in the records of the town of Lloyd on December 24. The groom’s name is there listed as “Quinbly” and Maria is lised as Mary. It is possible that the officiating justice, here noted as “Stephen” Lake, Esq., reported the marriage to the clerk in his town, with some errors in the details, and it was recorded there as well as in Marlborough. Never having encountered this couple before, I am nevertheless pretty sure the guy’s name was Quimby not Quinbly.

There is another Quimby marriage reported in the records of Wawarsing:

John Quimby 23 Napanock by Mr. Newman of Ellenville
M. Frantz 24 Napanock

This John Quimby would have been born in 1825 (mine is born in 1823, most likely, from census records). His wife, again from the censuses, is variously Susan or Louisa or Harriet, not “M.” so I don’t think this is him.


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