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June 27, 2006

Washboard: County of Origin for Jannette

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Details in the 1855 New York census entry for Burger, C H (this census uses initials instead of first names), give me pause. Wife “G” (Jannette) is said to be born in Sullivan County and a resident of Ulster for sixteen years. B (Benjamin) is said to have been born in Sullivan but to have resided in Ulster for all of his nineteen years. These two facts are incompatible, unless Jannette remained in Sullivan while infant Ben and father Cornelius lived in Ulster, rather unlikely. Then, son J A, (Josiah A.), is also said to be born in Sullivan, but resident of Ulster for only 14 of his 16 years. The rest of the children, starting with G H, for George H., are all born in Ulster.

I make of this that Jannette and Cornelius resided in Sullivan and had their first two children there. It is either a mistake or misreading that Benjamin has resided in Ulster all his life. If Jannette moved to Ulster sixteen years before the census, that puts them in Sullivan until 1839, possibly late 1838. Undoubtedly they were married there.

But where in Sullivan County? The town of Fallsburgh keeps coming up. Cornelius lives there, apart from his second family, in 1880. Also, Elisha James’s wife Elsie, of the same surname as Jannette, lives there apart from her husband and older son, also in 1880.

At this point it looks to me that Cornelius goes to live with the Darius Depuy family in Fallsburgh because his sister Rachel or his cousin Rachel (daughter of Zachariah’s brother William C) married into the Depuy family. Darius Depuy is that Rachel’s grandson. How long he remained there is unknown. I do know now that he was back in New Paltz at the time of his death.*

In 1880, Elsie Q. B. lives with the James Gardners in Fallsburg and is a sister-in-law of the head of household in 1880. The wife, Celia L., would then be her sister.

Later, in 1920, after her husband E. James has died, Elsie and son E. James go to live in Fallsburg again, on the “Centerville Road.”

Mamakating, Sullivan County, is another possibility. I have found Elsie’s father, John D. Q. in 1850, living there with Elsie, age 1, and Cecilia, age 4, and wife Harriet L. He is a boat builder, age 26, and Harriet is 22.. This is clearly Elsie’s birth family. I cannot find them in 1860, however. By 1870, her father and mother are living in Brooklyn.

I need to take another look at the censuses for Fallsburgh and surrounding area. And, perhaps I need another go at church records from LDS, concentrating on Sullivan county. (Originally, Sullivan was part of Ulster County, until, I believe, 1809.)

*As per his death certificate, issued from New Paltz in 1899.


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