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July 24, 2006

Hurley Stone House Day: Genealogy Digression

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The day itself could not have been more glorious: warm, sunny, dry. I drove down from the Holiday Inn at the Kingston turnpike exit to the crossroads that is the town of Hurley. At the parking lot of the Dutch Reform Church, the sponsor of Stone House Day and the location of the Ulster County Genealogy Society, a stout fellow in breeches and tricorn hat waved me through. They weren’t selling tickets yet—but I was heading for the genealogy books.

Downstairs, past the bake sale and quilt raffle, the genealogy office was beginning to buzz. I asked Florence if she had the Palatine history books by Henry Z. Jones, and she said, “Hank’s books? Of course! Right here.” (Unlike some of the other researchers whose tomes I used repeatedly, Hank is alive and well and promotes his books on a website.) I went through all the volumes in search of Burgers, checking them out one by one.

I had heard that Hieronymus was listed, and there he was, along with some other information I have seen reflected in various family trees on the web: that he is the grandchild of a Palatine immigrant, Johannes Peter Burckhardt, who arrived on July 1, 1710. His father was Johann Peter, and his mother was Anna Amalia Klein; their marrige is recorded, according to Jones, in the West Camp Lutheran Church book for the date 5 Nov. 1717. Hieronymus had a brother Marthen, who married Marytjen Klein (Cf. Kingston Reformed Church book), as well as other siblings whose marriages are recorded in the Loonenburg Lutheran Church book. Hieronymus’ uncle Johann Martinus married Ursula Froelich in Kingston, and many of their children are baptized in Dutchess county, Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck Flats, and Red Hook. This material—which seems quite authoritative—appears to document the splitting of the Burgers into two branches in Ulster and Dutchess counties. (There’s no accounting, though, of how Burckhardt became Burger.)

Having gotten a good look at the family tree, I was ready to take on the stone houses.

Jones, Hank Z., The Palatine Families of New York 1710, Vol. II. Picton Press, 1985. 112-114.


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